Adoption of a pet in the network is super easy and hassle free!

Thousands of pets are dying in shelters every day needlessly. You can find the perfect pet your looking for … or adult….in a shelter. Today pets do not have to die due to overcrowding and lack of spay/neuter. They just need a place to go to help them. We provide that space.

Adoption process can take up to several hours so please allow for lots of time. You will need a photo ID, CASH for adoption fees - Deposits for altering of pets can be put on your credit card) we do not accept checks - A LEASH for a dog and a CARRIER for a cat - we will not provide one for you and pets must be secured properly with leash and collar before leaving the building. Cats must be in a carrier.

Children in the home must be over the age of 7 yrs - unless otherwise stated on the bio. Those who choose to adopt with children under 7 yrs of age do so at their own risk.

Our adoptable dogs are listed here on our site and on our Adopt A Pet page We try to get our dogs up on this site as soon as they are ready to be adopted.  Many people like to study this list before coming to look at dogs because it gives some good basic information about each dog.  We try to keep this list updated to the minute but sometimes we get busy with our full time jobs and lives and the dogs are not updated as quickly as we would like. You may also like to look on our facebook page as it is updated daily with our adoptable dogs.


  • We do not provide spay/neuter services you will have three choices at the time of adoption. 1. Use your own vet. We will reimburse amount listed on Oregon spay/neuter coupon back to you when certificate is provided. 2. Sign the pet up on Hannah Medical Plan where the alteration will be covered and done at the hospital. 3. We will provide you with an Oregon Spay/Neuter coupon and your can use any vet on the coupon. Once completed coupon price for alteration will be reimbursed back to adopter. A spay/neuter deposit will be required to take the pet home with you same day. Otherwise you can make the appointment at the time of adoption and the foster who is currently caring for the pet will drop off pet at your choice of location day of surgery.

  • We do not require all family members to be present or your existing pet.

  • We do not do any holds for any reason - once the pet is returned to the adoption area it is available to the next person waiting to see him/her.

  • You MUST bring a leash for a dog and a carrier for a cat. You cannot leave the hospital without proper attire on the pet.

  • If you live in an apartment or rental/lease - obtaining your landlords permission for a pet is your responsibility prior to taking one home.

We will discuss the dog’s individual needs with you to determine if your home sounds like the right fit.

If we feel that you are a good match for the dog, you will fill out an adoption contract, pay the adoption fee via CASH and then take your new dog home that day!  Please keep in mind that the volunteers at the adoption event will make the final decision on the adoption.  If we feel that the pet is not right for you, we will decline the adoption.  This is ultimately for your protection and the pet’s well-being.

We highly recommend crating your dog while you are gone away from home for the safety of the dog and your possessions! Purchasing an ID tag right away is a good idea as well.  We highly support and recommend Cesar Milan and his videos, tv shows and website as it has great information on how to solve problems quickly and effectively.


**Any dog or cat can be secured at any time by paying the adoption fee on this website on the donate button. If you just have to have a dog or cat you see be the first to adopt him/her. Once adoption fee is paid you can pick him/her up at the next adoption event. However some pets are on the Hannah Plan and must be secured through Hannah and not us so please email first””