ALL pets in the network are currently being treated for a variety of shelter illnesses or diseases (kennel cough and like viruses, diarrhea, etc.. ), or for correcting the condition in which the pet was received in our care such as broken bones, starvation, neglect, cruelty, etc. If they have not been treated for kennel cough prior to adoption they WILL get it eventually and need treatment.

Information for continuing the medical plan the pet is currently on will be provided to you or your welcome to sign a waiver releasing RSO from all medical care and current treatment. Medication, surgeries and injury treatment will not be provided without a medical plan at our partnering hospital and will be the sole responsibility of the adopter to finish treatment and repair injuries at a vet of their choice.

If you leave the adoption event without a medical plan from the hospital we cannot help you with future medical issues should they arise. Dogs, Puppies and cats are very susceptible to a variety of illnesses that are often serious and fatal and very expensive to treat.

We do not provide spay/neuter services for any pets in our network. Adopter will need to pay deposit for spay/neuter to be able to take the pet home (can be put on credit card) and is 100% refunded when certificate of alteration is supplied back to network. Deposit for any pet is $400.

**Any dog or cat can be secured at any time by paying the adoption fee on this website on the donate button. If you just have to have a dog or cat you see be the first to adopt him/her. Once adoption fee is paid you can pick him/her up at the next adoption event. However some pets are on the Hannah Plan and must be secured through Hannah and not us so please email first””